Apple Hill Video

You want your memories captured. We provide quality videography so your precious memories remain sharp, crisp and fresh. Weddings, anniversaries, recitals, performances, business events, award ceremonies, and more. Whatever your occassion, we'll capture it for you because you don't want to forget.

Your wedding is a special event. Make sure a professional films your special day because you want memories that are crisp, clear, and fresh.

Transfer your old media to DVD and CD: 8mm/Super 8mm film, 16mm film, photos, slides, Hi8 video, Digital 8 video and more.

Workshops, training, corporate events, depositions, focus groups, conference recording, online advertising, and documentaries.


Many people are now recording a loved one's funeral. Mailing DVDs of the funeral can help others complete the grieving process.

Is there a special birthday or anniversary coming up? You'll want to capture the moment so that you can relive it whenever you want.

Do you want copies made of your wedding DVDs or other special media? Contact us about duplication.


Taping musical recitals and concerts is a great way to highlight achievements and milestones. You will treasure these memories for decades.

Do you have a dance event that you'd like to film? We've recorded dance performances for many happy clients. Ballet, jazz and more!

It's a special day that only happens once in your child's life. And it's right up there along with your wedding as being a most special occassion.