Media Transfers

Apple Hill Video has the capability of transferring many media formats to DVD or CD. Such formats include: 8mm/Super 8mm film, 16mm film, vinyl LP records, photos, slides, Beta/Super Beta video, VHS/VHSC video, 8mm video, Hi8 video, Digital 8 video and Mini DV, CDs and DVDs.

Contact Rob about transferring your photos and videos to CD and DVD.

Photographs & Slides

Now you can look at your favourite photos and slides on your TV screen so everyone can see them without straining. Digging out your slide projector becomes a thing of the past. Background narration and music are enriching options to consider.


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Your old home movies can now have a 'new life' by becoming a DVD program. This will guarantee their survival for years to come. Musical background is optional.


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Above you can see the effect of playing a PAL (European) video on a NTSC (American) system. At the end of the clip, you will see what the video was supposed to look like.

Tourists who return from abroad find that the tapes or DVDs don't work. Videos or DVDs from countries other than Japan and the USA don't work in Canada because they are recorded on a different video system. We can make them work for you by transferring them to the North American system as a DVD or VHS.