Wedding Videography

Apple Hill Video Inc. offers three wedding packages that can be modified to meet your individual needs.

Are you wanting your ceremony filmed? Check out our basic wedding videography package.

You're having a reception and want it filmed, along with your wedding. Check out our wedding package #2.

Wedding, reception and dance - the whole shebang. You want the full package - our wedding package #3.

Thank you for your hard work and expertise. Our video is a treasured memory, and we truly love how you captured our day.
Deanna and Andrew

Your special day will be filmed using quality equipment so that your images are crisp, clear. We use a three chip Sony Mini DV camcorder, and videos are edited on Macintosh Professional software. The video will sound GREAT because wireless Sennheiser mikes are used when necessary to capture crisp and clear audio.

Attending (but not filming) the wedding rehearsal is included in every package. All packages provide two DVD's of the final edited wedding footage.